Authorization Forms


HIPAA Compliant Patient Authorization


Employment Payroll Authorization


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services


Texas Medicaid Authorization


Tax Return Authorization Form
(*Note: Written Deposition Service, LLC will no longer submit these requests. The IRS rarely provides responsive records to third parties, yet they require substantial prepayments, which may or may not be refunded.)


Texas Department of Family and Protective Services


Military Records


Social Security Earnings


Texas Workforce Commission Authorization


Social Security Disability Records
(This governmental entity requires their specific authorization to be dated within 60 days)


* TWCC 153 Form
(This form is used when you have the Claim #)


* TWCC 155 Form
(This form is used when you do NOT have the Claim #)


* Note: This form is NOT a request to be fulfilled by Written Deposition Service, LLC.

You must request these records directly from the law firm. The TWCC does not accept third-party request.


UCLA Authorization


Kaiser Permanente Authorization


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