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Issuance of Notices

Would you like for us to forward copies of the Notices and Direct Questions for your file?

* Unless it is a rush request, the Notice of Intent will be issued and provided to the Opposing Counsel within 48-72 hours. In addition, it is very important to make us aware of any upcoming dates.

Standard Ordering Practice

Other, please specify:


When ordering Medical Records, what is your standard procedure?

Order medical records only
Order medical & billing records

Order medical & billing records, but with separate subpoenas

Paid vs. incurred billing or date limitations require separate Subpoenas
Will advise with each order

Fee Approvals

What is the maximum custodian fee we are authorized to pay on your behalf without providing fee approval?

This fee is what we pay on your behalf to obtain the records. It does not include the standard charges of Written Deposition Service.

Mobile Notary Service

There are times the facility is outside our service area and requires a Mobile Notary. Are we authorized to send without “pre-approval”?

Standard fee for this service is approximately $50.00.

No Record Affidavits

If the provider is not able to locate records, would you prefer an automatic affidavit of no record?

Production Instructions

Our standard subpoena packaging procedure is to provide a 3-HOLE CLIENT COPY.

How would you like your records packaged? (Please check your preferences)

Standard Packaging
3-hole client copy
2-Hole Client Copy Only
Paperless-Electronic Delivery of records & legal documents
Original legal documents will be delivered weekly

Please specify your needs


Invoice Delivery

Tabbing of Records

Each set of records is packaged with our standard tabs (Affidavit, Notice, Subpoena, Direct Questions, and Pertaining To)

Use our standard tabs
Do not use tabs
Please advise of the medical tabs available ($.45 per tab)

Specialty Services –- additional fees will apply

Chronological Placement and Tabbing of Medical Records

As an additional service to your firm we offer chronological placement and tabbing of medical records.

Our Standard Chronological placement:

Hospitals: Oldest date to newest with each Admission grouped and tabbed, if requested
Doctors Offices/Facilities: Oldest date to newest and all like records grouped together and tabbed

Provide chronological order only no medical tabs
Provide chronological order and tabbing of medical records.
Please provide pricing and additional information regarding this service
Please provide pricing & sample to see how this service will benefit your firm
Not interested at this time

Review of Records

As a service to your firm the staff of Written Deposition Service, LLC will, for an additional fee, review all records to locate additional providers. We will advise of these providers via our "Record Review Status". Upon receipt of this status, you will have the opportunity to order or decline these providers.

Do not approve this service
Does your firm allow you to participate in incentive programs?

Our goal is to cater our service to meet your needs, please advise of additional preferences:

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